Swarovski Crystal metal charm accessories and Becharmed Pave bead

Swarovski Becharmed Pave Bead bracelet and necklace accessories

how to create your own becharm bracelet
Select bracelet length 16/17/18 cm
Select 2 fixing charms to sandwich the beads
Match your style
becharm beads can also be worn as pendants


Made with high quality wool and silk from India Kashmir with traditional handicraft, and decorated with metallic Swarovski rhinestones, the scarf collection also comes with five colours to match with your elegant style.

Origin: Kashmir, India
Ingredients: 85% pure wool, 15% silk, Swarovski crystal
Size: 75 x 200 cm

Kashmir is known as the source of one of the industry's top wool, which is famous for traditional crafts and wool products.  In addition to the exquisite beauty of Kashmir wool products, people praised the most, is their wool shawl. Kashmir Handmade scarf sparkled with Swarovski crystal is definitely something every woman dream of.