Evil Eye
Crafted with precision and care, each evil eye crystal in this collection is meticulously cut and faceted to perfection, capturing and refracting light in mesmerizing patterns.
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Collectible Figurines

Crystocraft collectible figurines are true objects of delight. A wide range of figurines made with unique Crystocraft metal art & craftsmanship since 1958. With perfect fusion of finest European crystals which will definitely captivate the eye and enchant the heart.


Wind up the CRYSTOCRAFT music box,
and enjoy the soothing melody as the
figurines rotate with sparkles

Crystal Rose

Record the magical moments of
your love journey with Crystocraft
rose gift and hearts figurines

Crystal Flowers

Let the crystal flowers figurine
nature your mind and soul

Gold Figurines

Remind yourself the time you have walked through
Reward yourself with a little gift that you love


Collection crafted with sublime detailing
of metal art, resonates the dreams & desires
processed by each zodiac signs

Animal Figurines

Handcraft sheet metal art figurine decorate
with dazzling European fine-cut crystals

Ancient Cultures

These timeless ancient cultures art masterpieces
remind us of how we are connected together

Gift for Mom

Not only on Mother's Day, also on birthday, Christmas or at the "just because" moment. She deserves the best!

Newborn Gifts

Find newborn gifts & get gift ideas
for baby showers from Crystocraft Collection

Baptism Gifts

Celebrate the special baptism or
christening with precious collectible figurines

Wedding Love

Luxury crystal wedding anniversary gifts for the newlyweds and married couples


Recognise and reward achievement with
brilliant designs from Crystocraft that shine
a new light on the world of trophies and awards.

CRYSTOCRAFT was the very first in the gift industry to boldly apply the cold stamping technique to produce delicate metal gifts, famous for the exquisite, smooth finish and high-quality consistency. We are committed to preserving this craftmanship in the industry because it is the core of creating the perfect gift, of creating special heartwarming moments.


CRYSTOCRAFT uses premium Bohemia craft glass materials, produced by a manufacturer with 470 years of history in production, and whose reach extends back to the very origins of the European crystal world.
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