60-Years of Craftsmanship
Preserved for Heartwarming Gifts

Crystocraft is a vertically integrated company that designs, develops and manufactures its products with passion, care and attention to detail. It is through this process of development and execution that Crystocraft's products meet exacting quality standards.

Never visible, the craftsmanship discreetly lets the design take flight

Crystocraft is a vertically integrated company that designs, develops and manufactures its products with passion, care and attention to detail. It is through this process of development and execution that Crystocraft's products meet exacting quality standards.

A Modest Pioneer

Hong Kong, 1958. A modest metalsmith Mr. Chou founded United Art, a metalworking company specializing in high precision metal parts and components for a wide spectrum of industries, one of which was the gift industry.  

Chou persevered through low margins and hard times, constantly improving his metalworking techniques to reach the highest quality of product. Chou eventually landed on a technique called “cold stamping”, a bold and innovative method that increased the smoothness and finishing of delicate metal gifts. This resulted in fine, consistent, high-quality metal gifts emerging in the market.

After 30 years of refinement, Chou and his team achieved a breakthrough in the world market in the form of the Butterfly Suncatcher collection. Praised for its delicate and beautiful metalwork, this collection spotlighted Chou’s effort and skill and made cold stamping a popular technique in the industry.

Despite the beauty it gives, almost all gift producers have moved away from cold stamping due to cost concerns. Today, Chou remains as the final champion of using this technique for its products, believing in the beauty and exquisiteness of his creations. Seeking to preserve this part of history, Chou’s descendants adopted new business models and founded CRYSTOCRAFT with one simple goal: To warm people’s hearts through exquisite gifts.

Preserving Heritage

Founded in 2003 by Vincent and Eddie Chou, CRYSTOCRAFT believes in cherishing every moment of life’s journeys, in sharing joy and happiness through unique craftsmanship and artistry that resonates with people’s hearts.

Around the world, each exquisite metal and crystal gift captures timeless, heartwarming moments between people. Preserving the craftsmanship of cold stamping, the Chou brothers forged their own design team and utilized the finest European crystal elements for their gifts.

The reformed business model shifted gears to online sales via an e-commerce platform. This move strengthened the brand, increased sales, and would go on to win CRYSTOCRAFT the Alibaba Outstanding B2B E-commerce Business Competition in 2015.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Metal gifts were often produced by injection molding for the lower production cost. Chou was the very first in the gift industry to boldly apply the cold stamping technique to produce delicate metal gifts, famous for the exquisite, smooth finish and high-quality consistency.

CRYSTOCRAFT is committed to preserving this craftmanship in the industry because it is the core of creating the perfect gift, of creating special heartwarming moments.

Finest European Crystals

CRYSTOCRAFT produces its products with passion, care, and attention to detail. When it comes to crystal elements, their choice is obvious – to only use the best.  

With that in mind, CRYSTOCRAFT became a close branding partner of a renowned Austrian crystal glass producer for 15 years, and then entered the exquisite and exclusive world of its originally-designed, proprietary crystals.

CRYSTOCRAFT uses premium Bohemia craft glass materials, produced by a manufacturer with 470 years of history in production, and whose reach extends back to the very origins of the European crystal world.

Dazzle Crystal Cut is a proprietary design from CRYSTOCRAFT. Its 32-facet precise crystal-cut is inspired by snowflake crystalline pattern, resonates with the purity and quality of Bohemia craft glass to guarantee captivating sparkle and brilliance.

All of the materials we use are lead-free and comply with the EU’s REACH environmental standard (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances).

Original Design

CRYSTOCRAFT's vertical integration and its vast design experience allow it to develop and manufacture original gift products that generate strong sales. Their commitment to innovative and exciting designs is demonstrated through their varied achievements in the giftware world as set out below:

In 2007, we participated in various major international gift fairs such as Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair, Kenfair Mega Show, Spring & Autumn Fair of Birmingham, Tendence & Ambiente Frankfurt, Macef Milano, Intergift Madrid etc., to promote CRYSTOCRAFT®.
In 2009, our master piece, “SWIRL LIGHTING” by Vincent Chou of CRYSTOCRAFT® was featured at 100% Design Fair in Shanghai. It was the first international exhibition dedicated to contemporary interior design in China. In the same year, we set up sales office in Shenzhen and launched CRYSTOCRAFT® for China market.
In 2010 CRYSTOCRAFT® was featured in the “Hall of Fine Design of Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair.”  We also became an official giftware partner in Shanghai Expo 2010.
In 2013, our signature product, Ballerina Mini Music Box, appeared in a Chinese TV series - "Shining Days" produced by Croton Media. “Shining Days” was a popular TV series broadcasted on TV in China, Singapore, Taiwan as well as Hong Kong.
In 2015, our products were exhibited in the SWAROVSKI 120 Years Anniversary Event. In addition, we had Disney FAMA Audited, offering one-stop services from design to manufacturing and packaging. Indeed, we have always been enthusiastic in developing E-commerce businesses and was the winner of Alibaba Outstanding B2B E-commerce Business Competition 2015.
In 2016, The World Jewelry Facets- "The Art of Crystals"by SWAROVSKI was held at the Shanghai Gallery of Art. The World Jewelry Facets was an inspirational expression of craftsmanship and it manifested the finest art and design in the fashion jewelry world. CRYSTOCRAFT® was delighted to be one of their world class branding partners contributing to this jewellery exhibition with the metal sculpture “LIGHTNING" by Vincent Chou. In the same year, we became a Sanrio Licensee, launching our unique series of products “Hello Kitty X CRYSTOCRAFT”.
In 2017, we became the Gift Agency of the SWAROVSKI Corporate Gift Collection.

In 2018, it was a pleasure to celebrate the growth and development of our company – the 60th anniversary.
In 2019, we developed a whiskey glass with patented design "SMOOTH-SPIN", which improve the drinking experience by unlocking flavors and aromas of whiskey with a gentle spin. <Utility Model Patent No: ZL 2019 2 1204206.0>