Diamond Wedding Theme Ideas

Diamond Theme

Diamond has always been a symbol of deep and everlasting love. Every woman loves diamonds not only because of its sparkles and high value, but the metaphor in their love relationship. If you are not as rich as the tzars, it is simply impossible to use real diamonds to decorate your wedding banquet or reception. However you can still give your wedding a similar level of glitters and luxurious touches with crystal elements. Here are some ideas of diamond wedding theme:

Diamond Wedding Theme Table Decor

Some wedding banquet table decor ideas to spice up the diamond theme: crystallised wine glasses, champagnes glasses and napkin ring.

Diamond Wedding Theme Crystal Curtain

Using crystal strands to make curtains to give a luxurious touch at the wedding reception or backdrop at the main stage.

Diamond Wedding Theme Head Table Decor

Diamond theme doesn’t have to be all whites and light paste colours. Maroon red will make the diamonds more stand out. 

Diamond Wedding Theme Head Table Decor

Silver and diamonds are neutral colour and they work with any colour theme. It is important to limit the colours of your wedding theme within 3. 

Diamond Wedding Theme Head Ring Pillow

Little details such as the ring pillow, you can also decorate it with crystals. 

Diamond Wedding Theme Reception Guest Book

Crystal pens at the reception table for the guests to sign on the guest book. That’s for sure will make a difference. 

Toasting Glasses

The bride and groom’s wedding day is one of the most important days in their lives. It’s also a time for celebration, which means you should make sure your toast stands out from all others by serving them drinks in something special.

Picture Frames

Choose from our extensive collection of beautifully designed frames and display your favorite photos in a unique way. These will make an exquisite gift for any wedding, or as always remember those happy moments with this personalized picture frame!

Cake TopperS

These cake toppers will make your wedding cake extra special. They’re not only decorations, they also glitter and fill the air with love!