Disney FAMA Factory Audited

Crystocraft passed Disney FAMA factory audit and designed different popular Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie, Tinkerbell, Princesses, and Beauty and the Beast:


Crystocraft Disney Mickey & Minnie

Mickey and Minnie Mouse – made with signature Crystocraft sheet metal art and craftsmanship. Mickey and Minnie are kissing each other. A heart decorated with sparkling Swarovski crystal in the middle. 

Crystocraft Disney Mickey & Minnie

Our designers used Mickey and Minnie abstract icon matching with different keepsake gifts and mini picture frame. Mickey and Minnie icon set with sparkling red and blue Swarovski crystals. 

Crystocraft Disney Tinkerbell

This metal Tinkerbell dangling from a hoop is holding a sparkling Swarovski crystal. It comes in 3 different models with Dream / Wish / Believe written on the plaque. 

Crystocraft Disney Princesses

Our designers used metal with enamel colours to create the beauty of the Disney princesses: Cinderella / Snow White / Belle / Anna / Elsa / Ariel / Rapunzel

Crystocraft Disney Beauty & the Beast Characters

In this Beauty & the Beast collection, designers used metal craft rose with sparkling Swarovski crystals matching with characters made of metal and enamel colours. 

For distribution and wholesale of these sparkling Disney collection, please contact Widdop & Co from UK.