How to Make a Forever Rose Box

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Create Your Unique Flower Box Gift

There’s nothing quite like a diy present, and a forever rose box is the perfect way to show someone you care. It’s simple to create your own unique flower box, and it can be customized to fit any occasion. Just choose your favorite colors and fill the box with matching blooms. Whether you’re giving it for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or just because, a diy forever rose box is sure to put a smile on their face. Plus, it’s a great way to show them how much you care.

What is Forever Rose & Flowers?

For many people, roses are the epitome of romance. They are often given as gifts on special occasions like valentine’s day, anniversaries, and birthdays. While freshly cut roses are certainly beautiful, they often don’t last very long and will wilt within a week or so. In contrast, forever roses are a much more lasting symbol of love and affection. These preserved roses are treated with special preservation process that allows them to retain their colour and shape for 2-3 years. In addition, they require no watering and special care, making them a low-maintenance flower gift option.

Forever Roses Pink Tones

Adding Crystals in Flower Arrangement

Whether for special occasions or for everyday decor, nothing adds a touch of sparkle and luxury quite like crystals. These stunning Bohemia crystals with dazzling facets are the perfect accent to any bouquet or floral arrangement, helping to bring even the most understated arrangement to life. Their stunningly vibrant colours accent all tones of flowers, from bright yellows and reds to cool blues and purples, and their glittery finish will have you seeing stars. 

Metal Rose Accent of flower box

A metal rose is the perfect accent for a flower box arrangement. The metallic texture and excellent sheet metal craftsmanship of the rose matches with dazzling Bohemia crystal set on the bud. And the metal rose will catch the eye and provide a focal point for the arrangement. 

To create a stunning display, layer the metal rose with other flowers in complementary colors. For example, try pairing it with pale pink, white or light blue roses. Or, for a more dramatic effect, combine it with deep red roses with an extra touch of luxury – a gold-plated metal rose. The rich color will add another layer of interest to the arrangement and make it truly shine.

Gold Plated Metal Rose Accent Red Flower Box Arrangement

Matching Roses with Hydrangea Flowers

While roses are often associated with romance, they can also be used to create stunning flower arrangements for any occasion. One popular way to display roses is in a box arrangement, and adding hydrangea can help to create a truly show-stopping display. 

Hydrangeas are available in a wide range of colors, from delicate pink to vibrant blue, and their large blooms make them a perfect complement to the classic rose. When selecting hydrangeas for a box arrangement, it is important to consider both the color and the size of the bloom to match with the roses. 

Preserved Hydrangea Flower

Step by Step Guide To Make Rose Box

1. Tools Required

Here are the tools and materials needed to make the flower box:

  • Floral tape
  • Flat nose pliers
  • #22 gauge floral wire: 12 pieces of 6 cm long each; 3 wires need their ends bent into small circles with flat nose pliers 
  • Tweezer
  • Pair of scissors 
Tools Required for Making Forever Rose Box

2. pierce wire through rose bud

Forever Rose Bud Wire

Forever roses should come with the stems trimmed and only left with rose buds. Use the wires with end bent in circles, gently pierce through the center of rose bud with the other end. Try to pierce through the center of the rosehip and green stem. 

3. Fix the wire with floral tape

Forever Rose Bud Wired Taped

Stretch and wind the floral tape over the wire and rose bud hip and stem tightly. Make sure they are tight enough such that the rose buds don’t rotate or move easily. 

4. Prepare Hydrangea flower

Preserved Hydrangea Flower

Preserved hydrangea flowers come in different colours. In this case we chose white and pink mixed together so that they can easily blend in with the roses colours. 

5. Loosen up the Hydrangea Petals

Preserved Hydrandea Flower Petals

The preserved hydrangea which comes in a box can be bit messy so we need to tidy up and untangle the stems and petals. Next We need to make 7 small hydrangea bouquets with 12-14 flower heads each. 

6. Wire and tape small hydrangea bouquets

Gather 12-14 flower heads and tape them tightly on floral wire. Try to blend in different color tones in a bouquet evenly. Also make sure the shape of the bouquet is round and fluffy. 

7. Wire and tape rice flower

Rice Flower Wired

Gather 25-30 rice flower heads and use floral tape to fix them on a floral wire tightly. We need 2 of these small rice flower bouquet. 

8. Fix roses on PVC card

Forever Roses Fixed on PVC Card

Tape a deep pink rose on the upper left corner of PVC card (with 4 sides folded up). And then tape 2 light pink roses on the lower right corner. 

9. Fix hydrangea flowers on PVC card

Roses & Hydrangea Fixed on PVC Card

Tape the small hydrangea bouquets along the edges. Leave the center blank so that it looks like a flower wreath.

10. Stick circular EVA foam in center

Cut an EVA or foam into a circle of 4 cm diameter for the metal rose to fix on. 

11. Apply double sided tape

Double Sided Tape

Apply double sided tape to the back side of the PVC so that it can be fixed on the jewelry box. 

12. Fixing on jewelry box

Forever Roses & Hydrangea Flower Jewelry Box

Remove the protective film of the double sided tape and carefully fix the flower part into the jewelry box. 

13. Glue metal rose on the EVA foam

Finally use glue to fix the metal rose with crystal on the EVA foam. And there you go the flower jewelry box is perfectly finished. 

Metal Rose Crystal Flower Jewelry Box

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