Japanese Culture Gifts

This is a special project that we developed with T.Chatani, our distributor for the Japanese culture gifts market. We developed a few significant souvenir idea with cultural symbols of Japan: mount Fuji, sakura and the origami crane. They are all significant symbols for the local souvenir market.

The sound of furin or wind chimes is often times associated with summertime in Japan. They are hung outside to make a soothing noise when the breeze blows by, bringing residents back home after work and relaxation during their lunch break. 

The wind chime series is a luxurious addition to your home décor. The octagon-shaped Swarovski crystal on top provides an elegant look, while the zinc alloy figurine decorated with crystal rhinestones adds that extra touch of luxury you were looking for!

Crystocraft Japanese Culture Gifts Sakura
Crystocraft Japanese Culture Gifts Origami Crane
Crystocraft Japanese Culture Gifts Mount Fuji

Available in different Japanese culture gifts characters such as sakura, orgami crane, mountain Fuji, dharma, and lucky cat. Free free to contact us for more information for sales and distribution.

Crystocraft Japanese Culture Gifts
Crystocraft Japanese Culture Gifts Lucky Cat