New Concept Cocktail Bar in Hong Kong 2022

Unique cocktail bar to chill chat and relax

If you’re looking for a unique cocktail bar to chill and chat in Hong Kong, look no further than Bar Pacific‘s latest new concept cocktail bar located in Tsim Sha Tsui Hart Avenue. The new cocktail bar offers draft cocktails, craft beers and wine, as well as a relaxed and vibey environment. Whether you’re looking to catch up with friends or just unwind after a long day, this new cocktail bar is the perfect place to do it. And with their exclusive selection of draft cocktails, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. 

Bar Pacific Draft Cocktail Bar Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Hart Avenue
Bar Pacific Draft Cocktail Bar Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Hart Avenue
Bar Pacific Draft Cocktail Bar Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Hart Avenue
Bar Pacific Draft Cocktail Bar Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Hart Avenue

What is draft cocktail or cocktail on tap?

A draft cocktail, also known as a cocktail on tap, is a mixed drink that is dispensed from a nitrogen- or carbon dioxide pressurized system. This type of system keeps the ingredients fresh and well-mixed, and also allows for large batches of cocktails to be made in advance. Draft cocktails are often served from a keg, and they can be made with any number of ingredients. The most important thing to remember when making a draft cocktail is to maintain strict quality control. This means ensuring that the recipe is followed precisely, and that the ingredients are all fresh and of the highest quality. 

Cocktail on tap Bar Pacific Hong Kong Hart Avenue

Pioneer of draft cocktail bar in Hong Kong

Bar Pacific Group has been a staple for community nightlife entertainment for Hong Kong since 1999. Their mission is to spread good vibes through recreating the modern entertainment experience. 

Anny Chan, regional manager of Bar Pacific Group, has been in the bar business in Hong Kong for 13 years.

According to Anny, “Customers are getting more and more sophisticated. In the past most customers just care about enjoying good times with their friends and getting buzzed. As quality of lives improve they have higher expectation of spirits that they consume, and they certainly have more knowledge on how to appreciate them. “

10 Signature cocktails on tap

To cater for the need of more sophisticated customers, Bar Pacific launched the first draft cocktail bar in Hart Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui early this year. Customers will be able to taste their 10 different signature cocktails on tap according to their preferences:

Dirty Gimlet – mixed with gin, cucumber and lime. Refreshing, tangy, yet well balanced;

Pink Panties –  mixed with gin, strawberry and lemon. Lusciously sweet and girly;

Herbal Mist – mixed with vodka, ginger, lemongrass and lemon. Citrus aroma with herbal notes;

Gummy Bear – mixed with vodka, mango, ginger and lemon. Tropical with a spicy kick;

Rose Honey Tea – mixed with whiskey, honey, rose and tea. Floral accent with a hint of honey;

Tropical Breeze – mixed with vodka, passion fruit, lime and ginger ale. Packed with bright & fruity flavours;

Summer Blossom – mixed with gin, earl grey, elderflower and lemon. Earl grey infused with a floral aroma; 

Grapefruit Paloma – mixed with tequila, grapefruit and lemon. Refreshing & sharp citrus notes;

Jungle Bird – mixed with rum, campari, pineapple and lime. Bitter sweet & trophical vibes;

Midnight Tokyo – mixed with sake, plum wine, aperol and lemon. Aromatic scent with an oriental twist. 

According to Anny, “our cocktail samplers “Cocktail Flight” are well received by most customers who just begin their cocktail journey. They would like to try out different tastes first to see what their favourites are. More experienced customers will be able to describe what they like, such as the base alcohol like whiskey / gin / vodka / rum / tequila / sake. Or whether they would like more sweetness, sourness or bitterness in their cocktails. Sometimes they will even request our bartender to make a hand craft cocktail especially for the taste they prefer. “

Anny’s favourite drink is the sake based “Midnight Tokyo”. And she is looking forward to develop more and more signature cocktails to her customers.

Passionate mixologist to popularize cocktails in Hong Kong

Samuel Kwok, bar manager of Bar Pacific, has 8 years of experience working as bartender in different bars and restaurants in Hong Kong. He said beer was the first alcohol drink he had when he was small, and he didn’t enjoy it much. Until later he was introduced by a friend to a cocktail called “Negroni”, he found the taste bit strange in the beginning. But slowly he fell in love with the Negroni drink. This is how he began his journey in the world of mixology and bartending. 

Bar Pacific Group Bar Manager Samuel Kwok

Samuel joined Bar Pacific recent years and developed their first cocktail on tap system in this Hart Avenue bar. According to Samuel, “during covid bars and restaurants businesses are very difficult and most of the bartenders have left the industry. Hiring is very difficult and therefore draft cocktail system can alleviate this pain point while ensuring the cocktails served to every customers are of high and consistent quality. “

Some soda based draft cocktails actually taste more crispy than hand craft cocktails. Because when pouring and mixing soda water in hand craft cocktails, the “crispiness” is diluted by other ingredients. The soda-based draft cocktails are first fully mixed before pressurized with carbon dioxide so that the gas slowly dissolved into the whole cocktails, and that explains the “dryness” and “crispiness” of draft cocktails compare to hand crafted soda-based cocktails. 

The 10 signature draft cocktails are designed to be easy drinking for first timer. Cocktail beginners usually find classic cocktails like martinis and negronis too sophisticated. The draft cocktails they serve are made with ingredients such as fruits, flowers, herbs etc, which are easier for cocktail beginners to taste and recognize.

Samuel also serves hand craft cocktails such as negroni, margarita, mojito, espresso martini, aperol spritz, old fashioned. And of course he can personalize cocktails for customers who are either specific about what they like, or have no clue and would like something that will give them surprise.

How to make a negroni?

Samuel’s favourite cocktail is negroni. Negroni is a classic cocktail that is composed of gin, sweet vermouth, and campari. To make a negroni, simply combine gin, sweet vermouth, and campari in an equal parts in a glass filled with ice. Stir well and let the mixture chill for a few minutes before enjoying. The negroni can be served up or on the rocks, and is typically garnished with an orange peel. Whether you are looking for a pre-dinner drink or a nightcap, the negroni is a delicious cocktail that is sure to please.
Cross Keys Gin


Cocchi Sweet Vermouth

Sweet Vermouth



Keep Negroni chilled with Smooth-Spin Glass

The perfect negroni is all about balance. The bitter flavour of the Campari is offset by the sweetness of the sweet vermouth, and the gin rounds it all out. But if your negroni isn’t properly chilled, all that careful balancing goes out the window. So how do you ensure that your negroni is perfectly chilled? 

First, start with big ice cubes. They melt more slowly than smaller cubes, so your drink won’t get watery as quickly. Next, stir your drink vigorously in a tumbler for at least 30 seconds and pour the negroni to a rock glass with big ice cubes in it.  However you might want to savour your negroni and keep them chill for a longer while. Why don’t you give it a spin with Crystocraft Smooth-Spin Glass? Before you take a sip, spin the glass for 10-20 seconds so that the ice cubes inside will chill the negroni quicker – a unique and elegant way to enjoy your negronis!
Negroni in Crystocraft Spinning Rock Glass