White Day Gifts Idea 2022

What is White Day?

Before we go into our white day gifts idea, let’s briefly understand a bit what is white day. White Day is a holiday celebrated on March 14, one month after Valentine’s day. It originates from Japan in 70s. And it is getting popular among Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and other Asia countries. 

White day is about showing how much you care in a relationship, and most importantly to give and receive on this day. But more than anything else- it’s all about being thoughtful with your significant other.

Traditionally in Japan on White day, men give white chocolates to women, who gave them presents on Valentine’s day, to return the favours. The white color represents purity and sweetness in romance.

White Day Gifts Idea 2022 - Crystocraft

White Day GiftS Idea Other than Chocolates

Other than white chocolates, there are others choices of white day gifts which are just as meaningful and heart-touching, and doesn’t put weight on women. A small delicate crystal rose gift with short message engraved on it, will be a precious keepsake gift. 

White Day GIfts with Real Flowers & Jewellery

You can always go for real flowers, but they will wilt after a week. Fortunately there is an option that comes with lasting power: “forever” or known as everlasting / preserved / eternal flower!

These beautiful roses have been specially treated to retain their freshness and last up 2-3 years without special care nor water required – perfect if you’re considering real blooms that will stay strong for quite some time.

The real flowers blending with Crystocraft signature metal art and European fine cut crystals, make this an exclusive set that you won’t find anywhere else! Also these forever roses box matches with different themes of 925 sterling silver jewellery. 

Also there are choices of Moissanite jewellery that sparkles even more than diamonds, and they won’t break the bank and sure will impress your loved ones.  

White Day Music Boxes

They say music boxes are timeless pieces of art, and they remind us the pure love memories. For example in a Chinese drama “Shining Days” with our ballerina music box featured; this small yet beautifully crafted gift connected two lovers deeply through its melody. It went beyond words can explain how much emotions were felt when listening to such simple tune.

The sound waves captured inside these machines transport you back into times long ago. This is where couples would connect over shared joys or sorrows by holding hands, while dancing around their own private world away from reality.