A personalize gift is a great way to show how much you care. Earlier we have tested engraving service with the Crystocraft figurines in local market through ecommerce, the result is highly positive. Most customers appreciate the personal touches they can express through Crystocraft gifts and we are seeing sales conversion increased.

However the Crystocraft figurines are difficult to engrave once it is assembled as a finished product. During the laser engraving process if there is any mistake, the whole product is ruined. In addition, the whole product needs to transport to the engraver workshop back and forth, that can cause damages to the products.

We have designed a series of plaques for you to engrave the personal messages or wishes for your customers, and attach to the Crystocraft figurines easily with magnets. The plaques comes in different shapes and plating color that fit in most of our figurine bases.

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Plates can be personalised by laser engraving machine separately
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