Swarovski World Jewelry Facets 2016 The Art of Crystals Lighting sculpture

Unique lightning sculpture specially design for Swarovski World Jewelry Facets


Swarovski, the 7th edition of World Jewelry Facets, which took place at the Shanghai Gallery of Art at Three on the Bund. "The Art of Crystals" was the theme of the Facets. Reflecting Swarovski’s long tradition of creative partnerships, World Jewelry Facets was an inspirational expression of craftsmanship and of the finest art and design talent in the fashion jewelry world. Crystocraft was delighted to be one of their world class branding partner contributing in this jewellery exhibition with the one-off master piece - “LIGHTNING"


Vincent Chou @ CRYSTOCRAFT 2016
Aluminium sculpture with Swarovski Crystals
Size: 335mm (L) X 240mm (W) X 366mm (H)

Volcanic lightning may have sparked life on Earth. Until now, people are still lingered by this spark. Lyrics, movies lines and proses may heal our emotional wounds or touch our souls. They echo with the beam of lightning that symbolises the transformation from darkness to brightness by inspiring us to look for our mission on earth.


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