Mobile accessories and key rings are finished with luxurious crystalembellishments. The beauty is in the detail.The latest in tech styling, the Great Smartphone Incase for iPhone® 7 features a lightweight, durable and brilliantly clear case enhanced with subtle red and crystal embellishments. It’s designed to match the Piece of Me jewelry line, while showcasing every iPhone color and complementing the Apple logo. Ideal for Valentine’s Day gifting.


OPENING DOORS TO PERFECTION - The stunning collection of Knobs and Handles designed and crafted by Swarovski shines with an urbane combination of crystal and metal elements, fused together in a sophisticated, timeless, and distinctive design. As the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, precision- cut crystals, Swarovski presents a stunning range of elegant pieces that will make every indoor space sparkle.

Opening doors to perfection, Swarovski Knobs and Handles recommend themselves for a multitude of furniture, bath and wellness applications.

Customized solutions are available upon request. Our design experts will be at your service to make your interior design visions come true.

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