New Born Gifts

New Born Baby GIfts

Memories and love tie our hearts together. Capture the precious moment in an instant, record the memories that bring us joy because time will never stand still.

Twinkling treasures from the collection are the best gifts to celebrate the arrival of the newly born and their birthdays because they deserve the very best!

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  • Crystal Baby Shoe Figurine
    As low as USD $26.99
  • Crystal Carousel music box
    As low as USD $106.99
  • Elephant Parents and Baby Crystal Figurine
  • Crystal Train 1R Baby Photo Frame
    As low as USD $32.99
  • Baby Train Crystal Photo Frame mini
    As low as USD $17.99
  • Crystal Teddy Bear Jewellery Keepsake Box
  • Crystal Crown Jewellery Keepsake Box Mini
  • Baby Duckling Crystal Photo Frame 2R
  • Baby Shoes Crystal Figurine
  • Teddy Bear Dangling Crystal Figurine
    As low as USD $13.99
  • Baby Elephant Crystal Figurine
    As low as USD $13.99