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Spinning Whiskey Glass SMOOTH-SPIN Base


Introducing the innovative new spinning whiskey glass by Crystocraft – a masterpiece of design and functionality. This unique rock glass allows you to swirl your favorite spirits, enhancing their flavors and aromas, while adding a touch of elegance to your drinking experience.

Spirits and cocktails are better served chilled. However if you don’t want to use ice for chilling and dilute the drinks, you can pair the spinning whiskey glass with our stainless steel ice ball. Simply place the 55mm diameter ice ball inside the glass and give it a gentle spin. The rotation helps distribute the cold temperature evenly, rapidly chilling your drink to perfection. It’s a fascinating and entertaining way to enjoy your favorite spirits.

Width: 9cm
Height: 9.9cm

Ship from Shenzhen China


Taking the Drinking Experience to the Next Level

If you are looking for an unforgettable sensation while sipping spirits, Crystocraft would like to introduce the new and unique Spinning Whiskey Glass – a masterpiece of design and functionality. This SMOOTH-SPIN Rock Glass allows you to enhance the flavors and aromas of your favorite drinks by easily swirling the glass and adds a touch of elegance to enhance your drinking experience.

Decanting with SMOOTH-SPIN Glass

Have you ever asked yourself why you should swirl and spin your alcohol? The spinning action helps aerate the spirits in order to breathe in and savor the whiskeys. It helps enhance all the experiences that come with the delicate process of drinking, such as taste and scent. Whether you’re indulging in a fine red wine, a crisp white wine, a smooth whiskey, or even traditional Japanese sake, this drinking glass unlocks the full potential of your drink.

For the whiskey lovers, whiskey is a complex spirit with a variety of flavors that can be difficult to pick out. However, those flavors can be more pronounced when the whiskey is aerated. This can be done by spinning the whiskey in a glass, or simply by swirling it and then sniffing it. The process of aeration allows the aroma of the whiskey to open up and become more complex, making it easier to pick out different notes. In addition, aeration helps to smooth out the flavor of the whiskey, making it more pleasant to drink. as a result, aerating whiskey can improve both the flavor and aroma, making it taste better overall.

Unique SMOOTH-SPIN whiskey experience

Unique Spinning Whiskey Glasses SMOOTH-SPIN

Whirling Whiskey Glasses

Experience the joy of watching your beverage come alive as it dances within the glass, releasing its unique flavors and aromas with each swirl. The circular stainless steel or aluminium base provides a stable anchor, ensuring effortless and controlled movement without the risk of spills or accidents.

Unique Spinning Whiskey Glasses SMOOTH-SPIN

Patterned Italian RCR Glass

The unique spinning whiskey glass rotates smoothly on its metal base as you lightly spin it. The patterned crystal cut on the Italian RCR glass gives a captivating effect to enhance your drinking experience with elegance.

Unique Spinning Whiskey Glasses SMOOTH-SPIN

Stylish Designer Drinkware

In addition to its functional benefits, this drinking glass is a stunning piece of art that will elevate your home bar or dining table. Its elegant design and captivating swirling action make it a conversation starter and a true statement piece.

Smooth-Spin Spinning Whiskey Glass

Distinct Spinning Design

Our distinctive SMOOTH-SPIN metal base design from Crystocraft has a stainless steel / aluminum base that is matched with perfect precision. It is able to smoothly swirl with just one push to create the flawless release of flavors and aromas. It is the perfect base to easily swirl the drink of your choice.

Unique Spinning Whiskey Glasses SMOOTH-SPIN

Broad Choice of Colors

The SMOOTH-SPINbase is available in rose gold, stainless steel, jet black painting, and also aluminum. Whether you purchase Crystocrafts Spinning Whiskey Glass or any other spirits glass with a diameter of 80mm, this base is ideal for any whiskey lover.

Unique Spinning Whiskey Glasses SMOOTH-SPIN

Laser Engraving Personalization

You can choose whether you want the laser engraving personalization in order to make this a more memorable and meaningful gift. Just specify your preferred engraving, and we can laser print it onto the base before sending it to you. We can engrave anything from names, logos or any message of your choice on the stainless steel SMOOTH-SPIN base. 

Chilling Drinks with Spinning Rock Glass without Ice Dilution

It is known that spirits and cocktails are better served chilled. However, ice can sometimes be irritating due to it diluting the drinks. We have the perfect solution with which you can pair the spinning whiskey glass with our stainless steel ice ball. Simply place the 55mm diameter ice ball inside the glass and give it a gentle spin. The rotation of the base helps distribute the cold temperature of the stainless steel ice ball evenly, rapidly chilling your drink to perfection for up to 15 minutes. It’s a fascinating and entertaining way to enjoy your favorite spirits.

The versatility of the stainless steel ice ball extends beyond whiskey and other spirits. It can be used with a variety of drinks, including cocktails, juices, iced coffee, and more. Let your creativity soar as you explore new ways to elevate your beverage experience.

Spinning Whiskey Glass with Chilling Stainless Steel 316 Ice Ball

The stainless steel ice ball is a simple and effortless solution. All you have to do is place it in the fridge or freezer before use and ensure it is thoroughly chilled. Once cold, carefully place it in your spinning whiskey glass and pour the beverage of your choice, allowing it to cool and enhance the flavors as you sip. Enjoy its cooling effects for up to 15 minutes so you can take your time savoring your drink without worrying about the dilution.

Spinning Whiskey Glass with Chilling Stainless Steel 316 Ice Ball

The stainless steel ice ball is made of high-quality 316 stainless steel, ensuring its durability and safety for food contact. Rest assured that you can enjoy your drinks without compromising on taste or quality. With its sleek and modern design, it adds a touch of sophistication to any drinkware collection.

Performance of the Stainless Steel Ice Ball 55mm

With a drink starting at room temperature of 27 Cº, the Stainless Steel Ice Ball can continuously chill the drink to 11.5 Cº for about 18 minutes. It then takes over 2 hours and a half to get to a similar point of its original temperature of 25 Cº with a steady increase. 

The best temperature to sip your whiskey is between 15 and 20 Cº, and the Stainless Steel Ice Ball gives your beverage that perfect temperature to enjoy your cooled whiskey for about 1 hour without worrying about diluting the whiskey with ice, and taking your time appreciating the nuanced flavor. 

What to engrave on a whiskey glass for your best friend?

Whiskey is often seen as a complex drink, enjoyed by those with a refined taste. But at its heart, whiskey is all about friendship. It’s a drink to be shared with good friends, old and new. And what better way to show your appreciation for your best friend than by engraving their name on a whiskey glass? Whether it’s a single malt or a blended whiskey, your friend will surely appreciate the gesture. For something extra special, you could also add a personal message like “To our lasting friendship” or a quote they personally enjoy. A spiral image can make it that much more personal, which you can add a picture of their dog, their family, you and them together or just them. So next time you’re raising a glass to your best friend, make sure their name or picture is engraved. It’s the perfect way to show how much you care.

What to engrave on a whiskey glass for your business partner?

When it comes to whiskey glasses, there are many things you can engrave to make the perfect gift for your business partner. If you want to keep it professional, you can engrave their initials or the company logo. If you want to add a personal touch, you can engrave a message like “Cheers to a successful partnership!” or ” Thank you for your dedication and hard work.” A spiral image is sure to be a hit as well, which you can add a picture of them and their colleagues or simply a picture of them. No matter what you choose to engrave, your business partner is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of this unique gift.

What to engrave on a whiskey glass for Father's Day?

When it comes to choosing a gift for Father’s Day, it can be hard to find something that is both unique and memorable. However, by engraving a message on a whiskey glass, you can give your dad a gift that he will cherish for years to come. There are many different things that you could engrave on the glass, but some ideas include: “World’s Best Dad,” “#1 Dad,” or simply “Happy Father’s Day.” If you want to add a personal touch, you could also engrave your dad’s initials or a special inside joke. A spiral image can also make it that much more personal for Father’s Day, which you can add a picture of their wife and them, their wedding day picture or the whole family together. Whatever you choose, an engraved whiskey glass is sure to be a hit with your dad on Father’s Day.

Exclusive Way to Customise

Personalized spiral image laser engraving for Smooth-Spin Whiskey Glass

Personalized Spiral Image

Along with the laser engraving, Crystocraft gives the opportunity to make this Spinning Whiskey Glass much more personal and perfect for a lifelong memory. Send us a picture of your choice, so we can create a personalized laser engraving spiral image and add it to the spinning metal base for your whiskey glasses. It can be anything from a wedding picture, a friend's photo or a picture of your pet. This can be a breathtaking wedding gift, birthday present for your whiskey lover or a special memory for you. Please contact us on messenger for more information.

Crystal Fabric applied in Smooth-Spin Whiskey Glass Crystocraft

Exclusive Crystal Fabric Edition

In a harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and aesthetics, our Smooth-Spin glass can also adorned with exquisite crystal fabric with personalized company logos. As the glass gracefully spins, the crystal fabric catches and reflects the ambient light, creating a mesmerizing dance of glitter and gleam. Please contact us on messenger for more information for application for exclusive corporate gifting.

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Información adicional

Peso 1.7 kg
Dimensiones 23 × 13 × 16 cm

Stainless Steel, Rose Gold, Jet Black, Aluminum


No Need, Laser Engrave




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CRYSTOCRAFT uses premium Bohemia crystal materials, produced by a manufacturer with 470 years of history in production, and whose reach extends back to the very origins of the European crystal world.

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