Corporate Gifting Ideas 2018

It's time to plan the end of year gifting for your VIP customers. We are sharing with you some of our corporate gifting ideas 2018 and hope that we can give you some inspirations. Please don't hesitate to contact us for your customized solution.

Unique VIP Gift with Guest Name Laser Engraved Individually

For this annual dinner gift project we worked with Prudential Trillion, we proposed a hand warmer with power bank for the Trillion team to carry around not only during winter as a hand warmer but throughout the year as a power bank. The warmer can also be used as a mood light in your room. When lit up, it has a moon pattern on it and that's why it is called moonlight hand warmer. The charging dock can also act as a stand and create romantic moonlight shining in your room. Each hand warmer we laser engraved the name of the guest which make it a unique gift for the Trillion members. Also, a sleeve is made with Trillion branding on it.

We have worked with Principal Financial Group to develop a series of trophy awards and medals to recognize the great achievements of the outstanding performers. The trophies and medals are tailor-made to strengthen the company branding with its prestige and reliable image. The personalized awards are laser engraved with the name of each individual outstanding performers.


This is an exclusive notebook we developed with a high-end fashion retail brand for their VIP customers. Notebook cover material is in PU with white inner paper. The logo is gold foil hot stamped on the cover, matching with the book edge in gold. The notebook is packed in a black gift box with gold edge, and EVA laminated with gold paper.

Pens are good for brand promotion because they are functional and economical. The pen gifts we developed for Principal Financial Group, we have as simple as a push type ball pen; a 3-color pen which is highly useful in the office; a signature pen integrated with QR code to put more emphasis on website promotion and also spinner pen for stress relieve.

This stylish Phone Stand is made of aluminium with brushed finishing for the base and the logo. A Swarovski crystal is set at the logo to give a prestige touch. Other than using the stand for watching video with your phone, it can also be used as a business card holder.

Travel Accessories

This fused travel adapter with dual charging USB port is also good for brand promotion.  It is highly useful for executives on their business trip.  The company logo is printed on the adapter and also the sleeve on the box.

We have worked with Principal Financial Group to develop drinkware promotional marketing gift project.  As they understand personalized tumbler and stainless steel vacuum vase are incredibly effective promotional marketing gifts because they can be used on a daily basis by your clients - and that means serious visibility for your brand.

We have worked with Classroom, an educational publishing group for their micro:bit accessories.  This is an EVA pouch which comes with a net compartment inside for storage and protection of the STEAM product.

This is a multi-purpose sports bag we developed with Classroom and Police Swimming Club.  A smaller version for Classroom that suits the primary student, and a larger version for Police Swimming Club that suits the adult.  This waterproof sports bag has a shoe compartment and it can be worn as a handbag or shoulder bag.

More Customized Corporate Gift

This is an executive project we worked with Principle on tailor-made badge & cufflinks for brand promotion. The badge & cufflinks are tailor-made with company logo, with company name laser engraved on the side. These badge & cufflinks are an excellent VIP gift for executive which gives a stylish touch.

This is a set of 6 Crystal Wine Charms. To make this, we worked with SHK Private for the VIP promotional Gift. 6 different Swarovski Crystals colors are used in the wine charms in conjunction with a laser logo metal plaque. These aesthetic Crystal Wine Charms will be very eye-catching in every wine party.

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