Product Care Instructions

Figurines & Collectibles

Our figurines collectibles are made with sheet metal and electroplated, with crystals components fixed on the metal parts. To make sure the product always shiny and glittering, please follow the following instructions for product care:

Avoid exposure to sunlight for extended periods, or exposure to heat and humidity.

Do not submerge the item into water or any liquid because it will corrode the metal parts and cause rusting.

Avoid contact with any chemicals (such as cosmetics, detergent, perfume etc). They may damage the plating and cause rusting or discoloring.

Sweat, dirt and grease will speed up the rusting of metal parts. For cleaning, only wipe the item with a soft dry cloth.

Crystal Parts Repairing & Replacement

If the crystal parts are damaged, it is possible to repair it and replace with new crystals. Below is a video to show how to replace the crystal parts in our figurines. You can contact us if you have problem with product damages and need replacement parts supply from us. 

Jewellery & accessories

Our jewellery & accessories items are made with either 1) stainless steel or 2) 925 sterling silver with protective coating. They passes the European standard for nickel release and they are unlikely to cause irritation. Please follow the following instruction for caring:

Avoid wearing the accessories items while engaging in sports.

Do not clean with sonic cleaners or abrasives.

Mini Clocks

To adjust the clock time or changing the battery:

a. Take out the clock dial from the product gently with a small flat screwdriver

b. Pull out the dial crown and adjust the time, push back in when done

c. Open the back cover with a small flat screwdriver and replace the battery.

Forever Roses & Flowers

Roses, hydrangea and rice flowers in our jewellery box are real flowers that undergone preservation technique to retain their freshness and can last for 2-3 years without special care nor water. These are also known as eternal, eternity, infinity, and everlasting flowers.

Flower Care Instructions:

  1. Do not handle or touch the forever flowers unless absolutely necessary. Our natural oils in hands can damage the flower and break the petals.
  2. Do not water the roses.
  3. Keep the roses out of direct sunlight.
  4. If you need to clean your eternal roses, only do a light dusting with a soft dusting tool.  
  5. Do not wipe down or spray with chemicals.
  6. Keep forever roses box in dry and cool area, avoid humid and hot environment.