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10.4 x 9.4 x 4.8 cm
Crystocraft Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Virgo Crystal Keyring

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3.9 x 112. cm

The Crystocraft Zodiac Virgo Crystal Keyring is crafted with sublime details.   It is associated colored crystal rhinstone, resonate the dreams and desires processed by the Zodiac Virgo.  The Crystocraft Zodiac Virgo Crystal Keyring also allows you to express your horoscope by carrying it along.

*Crystals from SWAROVSKI® are used in all product

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....Crystocraft is ingredient branding partner of Swarovski. As a Ingredient branding partner of Swarovski, Crystocraft captures the absolute brilliance of the crystal elements with its craftsmanship of heritage, and transforms them into masterpieces with perfect harmony. ..為CRYSTOCRAFT®的完美傑作添上奢華的閃爍光芒,我們選擇最優質的水晶元素品牌 - 施華洛世奇元素(Crystals from SWAROVSKI®)。作為施華洛世奇元素的品牌合作夥伴,CRYSTOCRAFT®以其卓越獨特,力臻完美的工藝捕捉最細致的光華,翩旋出完美的和諧。 ....

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