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Heartwarming Crystal Angel Figurine


This Heartwarming Crystal Angel Figurine made with excellent metal art and craftsmanship. The figurine is available in gold or chrome plating, decorated with 6 octagonal assorted colour Bohemia crystals. May the heartwarming crystal angel brings you happiness and peace. Laser engraving service available on the figurine base to make the angel gift unique and heart-touching.

Width: 11.2cm
Height: 14cm

Ship from Shenzhen China


Introducing CRYSTOCRAFT’s Heartwarming Crystal Angel Figurine: A Symbol of Love and Serenity

In the world of gift-giving, some treasures hold an exceptional place—a timeless piece that speaks to the heart, transcending words and capturing emotions. CRYSTOCRAFT proudly presents its Heartwarming Crystal Angel Figurine, a masterfully crafted symbol of love, protection, and serenity.

Crafted to Perfection

At CRYSTOCRAFT, we take pride in our artistry, and the Heartwarming Crystal Angel Figurine is no exception. This exquisite figurine features an angelic guardian cradling a heart with the utmost care and tenderness. The intricate metalwork showcases our commitment to perfection. The angel’s wings, sculpted with precision, seem ready to take flight, and her serene expression radiates tranquility.

Crystal Brilliance

The heart held by our angel is adorned with six Bohemia octagon crystals, each carefully chosen for its brilliance and color. These sparkling gems capture and refract light, creating a mesmerizing dance of colors that will fill any room with enchantment. The crystals are available in a range of colors, allowing you to select the one that resonates most with your heart and purpose.

A Personal Touch

What makes the Heartwarming Crystal Angel Figurine truly special is its crystal base, which can be laser engraved to add a personalized touch to your gift. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, or offering condolences, you can engrave a message, a name, or a date onto the crystal base. This personalization transforms this already exceptional figurine into a unique and cherished keepsake.

Occasions to Share the Love

The Heartwarming Crystal Angel Figurine is a versatile gift, perfect for a wide range of occasions. Here are six moments when this figurine can be your messenger of love and serenity:


Celebrate the enduring love between a couple with this figurine that symbolizes the heart’s eternal bond.


Show your affection to a dear friend or family member on their special day, reminding them of your lasting love.


Present the newlyweds with this angel as a symbol of the love and protection that will watch over their journey together.


Express your heartfelt sympathy and support to a grieving friend or family member by offering them a source of comfort and solace.

Mother's Day

Honor the nurturing and protective qualities of a mother by gifting her an angel that embodies these sentiments.


Celebrate the cherished bonds of friendship by sharing this figurine as a token of your lasting appreciation and care.

Messages That Touch the Heart

When you choose to personalize the crystal base of the Heartwarming Crystal Angel Figurine, you have the opportunity to convey a message straight from your heart. Here are six examples of heartfelt messages:

1. “May your love be as enduring as the guardian angel’s watchful eye.”

2. “In loving memory of [Name], your spirit lives on in our hearts.”

3. “On your special day, may the angel’s serenity fill your life with joy.”

4. “For a lifetime of love and cherished moments, happy anniversary.”

5. “Your friendship is a gift, and this angel is a symbol of my appreciation.”

6. “In the journey of life, may this angel always guide you with love and protection.”

In summary, the Heartwarming Crystal Angel Figurine from CRYSTOCRAFT is more than a mere gift; it’s a symbol of love, protection, and serenity. With its stunning craftsmanship, dazzling crystals, and the option to personalize, it becomes a timeless keepsake that can be cherished for generations to come. Whether celebrating love, offering solace, or simply expressing appreciation, this angel figurine is a heartfelt gesture that speaks volumes.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 14 cm

Gold, Silver


No Need, Laser Engrave


Crystal base, Metal Plate


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Like metamorphosis of butterfly, CRYSTOCRAFT transformed from a passionate Hong Kong metal manufacturer founded in 1958, to a promising brand with bold creativity, eagerness for reform and aspiration to perfection.

Inspired by butterflies spreading their wings in harmony to embrace the mother's nature, CRYSTOCRAFT believes in cherishing every single moment of our life journeys, and sharing the joy and happiness through its unique craftsmanship and artistry that resonates with people's heart.


Metal gifts were often produced by injection molding for the lower production cost. CRYSTOCRAFT was the very first in the gift industry to boldly apply the cold stamping technique to produce delicate metal gifts, famous for the exquisite, smooth finish and high-quality consistency. 

CRYSTOCRAFT is committed to preserving this craftsmanship in the industry because it is the core of creating the perfect gift, of creating special heartwarming moments.

Made with Bohemia Crystocraft Crystals Logo


CRYSTOCRAFT uses premium Bohemia crystal materials, produced by a manufacturer with 470 years of history in production, and whose reach extends back to the very origins of the European crystal world.

Dazzle Crystal Cut is a proprietary design from CRYSTOCRAFT. Its 32-facet precise crystal-cut is inspired by snowflake crystalline pattern, resonates with the purity and quality of Bohemia crystals to guarantee captivating sparkle and brilliance.


Our creative team has many years of experience of giftware design, serving customers from different cultures and backgrounds on different occasions across the world.

We always strive to create exclusive products with our craftsmanship that resonates with people’s heart.